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Plan Details

New currency launches AI position trading (5 days)

New currency launches AI position trading (5 days)

  • Price $20,000.00
  • Plan Duration 5 Days
  • Daily Profit $1,960.00
  • Total Profit $9,800.00
  • Payout Cycle Every 24 Hours
  • Capital Back Yes
Affiliate Bonus
    2 %

    level 1

    1 %

    level 2

    0.5 %

    level 3

Invest Now
The funds of this project are used for online position trading of new currencies. The AI system will conduct transactions through algorithms. The platform has strong funds. There is no risk in this project. The platform will give users fixed income.

Profit Calculation Rule:

The investment amount of this project is 20000USDT, and the daily income is 1960 USDT. The project is valid for 5 day. If you buy 1 shares,
The total investment amount is 20000USDT
Daily profit: 1*1960=1960 USDT
The total profit is: 1*1950*5=9800USDT

Profit Settlement Time:

Profits are settled every 24 hours. Funds are automatically paid to your account, where you can purchase other investment plans or withdraw to your wallet address.

Contract Termination:

The contract will automatically terminate upon expiration, with the capital returning to your account. No refunds are issued for early termination of the contract; you would need to wait until the contract ends for the automatic return of funds. Thank you for your understanding.

Risk Advisory:

Users must carefully assess risk tolerance and invest in digital assets within an acceptable risk control range. In force majeure situations such as power outages, floods, or natural disasters leading to equipment damage, neither party to the contract shall bear any responsibility.

The platform reserves the right to the final interpretation of the terms of this contract.